My Christmas Wish List {minus books}

I looked around the internet for some Blogmas ideas and a ton of people suggested putting up my Christmas List. Which feels weird to do, honestly, but why not? I doubt anyone who actually buys me gifts will see this list, but it’s still accurate.

  1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish –  I have no idea why I want this for Christmas, since I’ll just end up buying it anyway, but it’d be nice to get as a gift, too. I have told everyone this is what I want.
  2. I have been hearing about butter LONDON nail polish and Amazon has the minis for $5 less than normal – I love the mint color and can always use a dark neutral
  3. Attempted Murder Coffee Mug – So I obviously love crows, and 2 crows would be an attempted murder of crows which dovetails with my love of true crime and who doesn’t love a new coffee cup?
  4. Shane and I sleep in a split king bed, and only have 2 pairs of sheets – flannel for winter and regular for summer. These bright sheets would be awesome to add. I hate having to buy 2 sets of Twin XL sheets, though.  
  5. I posted this T-Rex Cookie Jar on Twitter months ago and still haven’t bought it. I have no idea where to put it, but I love it deeply and would find it a home. 
  6. My other favorite Target product is their various pineapple scented candles. I love the smell of pineapple and you can never have too many candles.
  7. Okay, to be honest, I have a huge stack of engagement/wedding/honeymoon pictures and should probably start putting them in albums. This really cute album might be a good start. 
  8. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on writing with fountain pens and I’d love to try it out. Without spending a ton of money. I had no idea Pilot made disposable fountain pens, but they seem like a good place to start.  
  9. I’m literally obsessed with Paper Mate Flair pens and want to add the Ultra Fine tip set to my collection. I have way too many of them but I can’t stop myself.
  10. Ending on the writing theme, I’d like to get this Hand Lettering 101 book so I can maybe be slightly creative in my letters.

Yeah, no, this is still a weird thing to post about. But it was kind of fun, so I’ll call it a draw.



A Bookish Gift Guide

I wandered around the internet (okay, mostly Amazon and Etsy, but also Out of Print) looking for gift ideas for myself. Apparently no one wants to get me what I really want: nail polish, pens, and relaxation supplies (bath bombs, face masks, etc), so this list grew out of that. Since I decided to expand it for a Blogmas post, I tossed a few more in. Maybe it’ll help someone else buy a gift for a book lover in their life. 

  1. My favorite quote of all time is “Though she be but little, she is fierce” and I’d love this bracelet to be a constant reminder of what I’d like to be my motto.
  2. The Bibliophilia 100 Literary Postcards look so gorgeous and would be perfect for putting on the wall or sending to various pen pals. 
  3. Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box look fun and are my aesthetic for sure. Same as above – decor or communication, both work.
  4. I know a ton of people who have a Personal Library Kit and love them. I’ve never felt the need since I rarely lend out books, and frequently donate books, but I wouldn’t be sad to get one.
  5. I loved the book Bunnicula as a kid and would love this Bunnicula-themed pouch as an adult!
  6. Something I didn’t realize until recently is that people who read books tend to love candles. I think this Banned Books Matchbox set is a winning gift for someone like me, who enjoys both.
  7. Continuing with the Banned Books motif, this coffee mug that the full titles of banned books as it heats is a genius gift.
  8. I sort of hate the “Librarians love tote bags” cliche; however, while I’m not a practicing Librarian, I do meet the stereotype. I also really love the visual on this Library Stamp Market Bag with the old-school due date stamp.
  9. Another thing book lovers seem to enjoy (again, guilty) is tea. So if you’re looking for a gift to be nerdy and practical for a book reading tea drinker, Novel Teas might be just the thing. Adagio Tea’s Fandom Blends are also amazing and I keep myself stocked with them. 
  10. If your giftee owns a pencil sharpener this book-lover-related set of 7 pencils would be a pretty alright gift. If they don’t have a sharpener, you should get them one of those as well. 
  11. This amazing Literature of the World print would look perfect in a library or den. If I had either of those things. 
  12. I am obsessed with reading and coffee cups and being left alone so a Go Away, I’m Reading coffee cup is perfection in my eyes.
  13. I love note cards, possibly too much, and these adorable book cover decorated note cards would be perfect to send around the world.
  14. If you’re looking for candles that have a bookish tilt I have an amazing list of shops for you: Novelly Yours, Canterbury Road Co, Wick and Fable, Wicky Wicky Candle Co, Flickering Fandoms, & Icey Designs (all around amazing shop, tbh). Honestly, that’s not even scratching the surface.
  15. If all else fails, track down your gift recipient’s Goodreads profile or investigate their bookshelves in real life and buy them a book. They’ll at least appreciate the gesture.